Sunday, October 4, 2020

Acne /pimples

 what is acne ?/  एक्ने क्या है ?

A rashes mainly on faces, due to blockage and inflammation of glands in the skin.

there are  various  types of acne the most common is acne vulgaris.

sites of acne 



legs and 


Acne is  common in teengae but can happens even as an infants and any age it mainly caused by hormonal disturbance that stimulated oil gland  to release it  more.

causes of acne 

firstly when the pores of skin becomes clogged due to excessive secrtion of oil gland as its primarily function is to moist the skin , but when this pores are blocked it accumulates dirt debris and bacteria, the blockage is termed plug.

its top is white head hard or black head. when it ruptures the substance or matter inside oil,debris or bacteria can spread to surroundings area and cause inflammatory reaction. if the inflammation is deep in your skin the pimples may enlarge to form firm painful cysts. 

hormonal changes is triggered by menstrual period pregnancy  birth control pills or stress. 

greasy or oily skin care products or hair products 

certain drugs such as steroid testosterone

humidity or sweating can also increases  .


  • small hard whiteheads
  • small blackheads 
  • pustular or yellow pus cells filled tips 
  • cysts 
  • inflammation around the skin eruptions 

medical advice

Always clean your skin with non dry soap 

Remove all dirt from skin time  to time 

Shampoo your hair regualrly if you have dry skin 

Dont use  loud makeup 

Eat lots of green vegetable fruits and  sprouts 



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