Tuesday, October 6, 2020


PITYRIASIS ALBA is a common skin disorder related to mild eczema.


the cause is almost unknown but it is associated with eczema and a history of allergies. the disorder is most common in children and teenage and is more noticeable in children with dark skin.  


  • round or oval patches of hypo pigmented ( lighter )skin appear on the face upper arms neck upper middle of the body.
  • may be scales or may not be (scales means dead skin )
  • the patches donot tan but may red quickly in the sun.
  • patches may get sunburned when exposed when exposed to sunlight. applying sunscreen and using sun protection can help sunburn.

treatment :
no treatment is required, but for speedy recovery some constituonal drug may be given. 
but olive oil aloveragel or moisturisers. 

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