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 B ARBERS itch is a staphylococcus infection of the hair follicles in the beard area of the face, usually the upper lip.Saving aggravates the condition.  symptom  Skin lesion, which may be open sore doomed nodules. Reddened lesion, which may drain fluid. localization swelling and induration (hardening of tissue) Tender and warm affected area  fever or chils in some comes  Medical Advice Prevent and watch for bacterial infections.  keep the skin around minor wound clean and dry. B est homoeopathic doctor in patna  best in boring road  best doctor near me  best doctor for eczema best doctor for skin disease best doctor in dermatology  best doctor psoriasis  best doctor for skin complain best skin doctor for acne  best skin doctor pimples  best for treatment for oily skin  best for muhasa ` best for hair treatment  homeopathic doctor near me  homoeopatthic clinic near me #mahaveerhomoeopatna   homeopathic doctor in patna h