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  C hickenpox is a viral infection in which a person develops extremely itchy blisters all over the body it used to be one of the classic childhood diseases. however it has become much less common since the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine. chickenpox is caused by the varicella zoster virus, a member of the herpes virus family. the same virus also causes herpes zoster (singles) in adults. chickenpox can be spread easily to others.We may get chickenpox from touching the fluids from the blister , or if someone with the disease coughs or sneezes near you. even those with mild illness may be contagious. A person  with chickenpox becomes contagious 1 to 2 days before their blisters appear. they remain contagious untill blister have crusted over. Most cases of chickenpox occurs in children younger than 10. the disease is usually mild ,although serious complications sometimes occur adults and older children usually get siker than younger children.  Children whose mothers have had chicke