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 INTERTRIGO is an skin infection caused by fungus candida. intertrigo involves infection of the skin with candida. it may involve almost any skin surface on the body, but usually occurs in warm , moist creased area such as ( armpit and groins,. cutaneous candididies is fairly common. candida is the most common cause of daiper rash in infants, where it takes advantage of the warm moist conditions inside the daiper. the most common fungus to cause these infection is candida albicans.  candida infection is particularly common in individuals with diabetes and in people who are obese. antibiotics and oral contraceptives increase in the  risk of cutaneous candidiasis. candida can also causes infection of the nail referred to as onychomycosis and infections around the corner of the  mouth called angular cheilitis. oral thrust a form of candida infection found on the mucous membranes of the mouth, may be a sign of hiv infection or other immunodeficiency disorders when it occurs in adults infec