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 NUMMULAR ECZEMA   is an allergy disorder in which itchy coin-shaped spots or patches appear on the skin.' causes  the cause of nummular eczema is unknown. but there usually is a personal or family history of; allergies asthma  atopic dermatitis things that can make the condition worse, include  dry skin  environmental irritants stress temperature changes  symptoms  coin shaped skin lesions that appear on the arm and legs  lesions may spread to the middle of the body  the lesion may ooze and become crusty  itching scaly or raw skin  skin redness or inflammation  treatment  avoid triggers that make your symptoms worse such as wool lanolin and certain foods. do not take frequent baths, excess bathing and soap can cause dry skin which often makes the condition worse also avoid hot water taking a bath or shower. B est homoeopathic doctor in patna  best in boring road  best doctor near me  best doctor for eczema best doctor for skin disease best doctor in dermatology  best doctor psoria