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  P ompholyx is a common type of eczema effecting the handa (cheiropompholyx) and some times the feet (pedopompholyx) pompholyx is also known as dyshidrotic eczema or dyhidrosis. Causes.   pompholyx may be related to sweating. it most often affects young adults. there is a personal or family history of ectopic eczema in 50% flares oftn occcurs during hot weather or following emotional upset  an association with nickle contact allergy has been reported  it can follow tinea fungal infection ( when it is known as dermatophytid) symptoms  pomphoylx  presents as recurrent crops of deep seated blisters on the palm and soles. they csuses intense itch and or burning sensation. the blistes peel off and the skin then appears red , dry and has painful fissures( cracks). severe pompholyx around nail flds may causes nail dystrophy ,resulting in irregular rides and chronic paronychia (nail fold swelling). Medical Advices  as in other forms of hand dermatitis, pompholyx is aggravated by contact with