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 P ityriasis Versicolor is along term (chronic) fungal infection of the skin. pityriasis versicolor is fairly common. it is caused by a type of fungus called ptyrosporum ovale. this fungus is normally found on human skin. it only causes a problem in a certain settings.  the condition is most common in adolescent boys and young adult men. it typically occurs in hot climates.  symptoms Have sharp borders(edges)and fine scales. Are often dark reddish to tan in colour.  Are found on the back, underarms upper arms, chests and neck. Do not darken in the sun so may appear lighter than the surrounding healthy skin. African Americans may have a loss of skin colour or an increase in skin colour.  Other Symptoms Include  increased sweating  itching B est homoeopathic doctor in patna  best in boring road  best doctor near me  best doctor for eczema best doctor for skin disease best doctor in dermatology  best doctor psoriasis  best doctor for skin complain best skin doctor for acne  best skin doct