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 A Hemangioma can occur anywhere on the body, but most commonly appears on the face scal[ chest or back. treatment of a hemangioma usually isn't needed, unless the nodules interface with vision or breathing. causes.  A hemangioma consists of an abnormally dense group of extra blood vessels. .it is not clear what causes the blood vessels to group together, although there may be a hereditary component involved. symptoms Hemangioma may be present at birth, but more often appears during the first several months of life. it starts out as a flat red mark anywhere on the body most often on the face, scalp chest or back. usually, a child has only one mark, but some children may have more than one, particularly if they are part of multiple births. During your child first year, the red marks grow rapidly and become a spongy mass that protrudes from the skin. the hemangioma then enters a rest phase and eventually, it began to slowly disappear. half of all hemangioma resolves by age 10.althou